Yachts at Mala Yachts and what Events to Arrange on them

Yachts are a blissful platform to organize a blissful event. Has any event on a yacht been boring? If yes then your idea about yachts is completely underrated or you have had the wrong kind of yacht experiences.

A yacht isn’t only about a unique venue for an event but also about the idea of getting to celebrate some of your special event over the purity of the sea. There’s nothing as peaceful as the sound of the waves once you get to experience its calmness.

Any celebration requires basic calmness and you get it in bulk through yachts. The yacht rental Dubai has been quite a hit ever since the city became a welcoming spot for tourists from all around the globe. To put it practically, who wouldn’t want to have a taste of the city’s beautiful coastline?

The city is loaded with multiple yacht rentals out of which Mala Yachts is one among the worthy ones. They have a remarkable collection of yachts and offer a great amount of packages for different kinds of events.

Here’s a list of their valuable yachts.


The 48 feet majesty can handle about 21 guests at a time and you won’t even feel overloaded while on board. The yacht is precise enough to provide you with an amazing event and everlasting enough to never let you want to get off. It’s suitable for celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.

63 feet yacht

The magical ride of this beautiful 63 yacht will leave you wanting more and more. She can handle about 30 guests at a time and is very spacious with all its compartments. Dubai yacht charter priceskeep increasing for beauties like this one.  You can arrange engagements, graduation parties or simply a family gathering on this one.

70 feet yacht

If you were looking for a perfectly medium sized yacht to organize a special event like engagements on a slightly bigger scale then a yacht like this one is the perfect stop for you. The 70 feet beauty can handle about 30 guests at a time.

Al Wasmi

She is 75 feet and can handle about 35 guests at a time. You can organize business corporate events on an elegant beauty like this one and you’ll only receive tons of appreciation in return.

77 feet yacht

All luxury yachts Dubai has are one of a kind due to the high competition. So you’ll only get to find fine beauties at worthy yacht rentals like Mala yachts. Such yachts can be availed to have elegant meeting events. She can handle about 25 guests at a time.

Vasco De Gama

The 82 feet Vasco De Gama has nothing that will leave you disappointed. You can have medium scale weddings arranged on this one which can handle about 35 guests at a time without making the yacht feel over loaded at all.

Get your events organized with ultimate style at Mala yachts and create uncountable worth remembering memories of your event.