Why wait now? Get started to the road less traveled with long range walkie talkie

The world is now connected through mobile and there are still places which are out of mobile coverage. We hope that it would stay out of this chaotic world so that we can refresh ourselves by taking a trip to those places. Safety is the utmost priority and to be safe you need to be in contact with your mate or group .This where a long range walkie talkie plays a significant role.

So what is actually walkie talkie? It is a half duplex device used for communicating with one another and has transmitter and receiver with the antenna mounted on the top. Increasing number of households use the walkie talkie as a baby monitoring device.

If you are the organizer of large public event and working with huge set of team you will definitely need a long range walkie talkie. Searching them in your contact list and making a call from you high end phone is not practically possible. A walkie talkie here helps you to track down and stay in touch with your team.

Motorola MT352R

A two way walkie talkie in the market that is suitable for both the urban and rural settings. It is equipped with USB charger and A/C adapter which means it can easily recharged from anywhere .Like a mobile phone Motorola MT352R comes with a vibration mode. This could actually help you in the situations those are too noisy to hear voice or a ringtone.

It gives weather alerts by scanning weather channels. The maximum range claimed by this Motorola device is about 35 miles, one of the most powerful in the market. It is a very secured device enabling private communication codes. Users have their complains with the design of the device and its durability.


Motorola MS350R

Compared to the previous Motorola walkie talkie, durability of this device is out of debate as it proved to be a long lasting device. It is a 50 channel walkie talkie works with 120V charger. The device comes with solid black and silver color and like its other counterpart it does offer around 36 mile range. It weighs around 135 grams making it easy to carry .The device is IP67certified for resistant to water. It is claimed that it can withstand water for 30 minutes. User say it is bit costly but do justify with its batteries that run for a long time.

Talkpod walkie talkies

This talkpod walkie talkie is equipped with 1800mAh lithium ion battery and has a desktop charger of 110V/220V.The good news about this brand is the guarantee the company offers. If the users find a malfunction or a defect in the device within 30 days, it can be replaced .That  is how talkpod walkie talkie set aside their competitors in the market. You have a user manual which comes along with the product to make sure you don’t find trouble in using them.

Cobra CXT 1000 Series

It is reviewed as one of the best long range walkie talkie covering over 37 range miles. Water proof body and noise cancellation technology built in, made wide number of users to pick up Cobra CXT 1000 Series. It has a provision to send SOS signals to multiple .The rechargeable battery makes it more durable and user friendly. It weighs around 226grams with the warranty period of 1 year.

Retevis H-777

It is a Long Range UHF 400-470 MHz Signal Frequency rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by its reviewers. The device comes with built in LED Torch and voice prompt function. It has earpiece thereby allowing the users to have an effortless communication. Multiple vendors quoted around $150 dollars for this device with 1 year warranty. The usage of the device showed that the battery lasted for almost 24 hours and more making it more efficient and durable.

Now as you have across some of the best devices in the market, one might question whether the device actually serves upto 35 +mile range. Usually  3-5 mile range works well for walkie talkie and the claims of 35 plus miles is in ideal conditions that is where are there are no obstruction like walls, buildings trees etc more likely a barren land.

Why wait now?Get started to the road less traveled with walkie talkie!