What places to visit if you are a nature lover?

Crowned as Garden city, Bangalore has a lot of parks and hill stations. It is known as a cool climate because of the rich greeneries and hill stations which it is surrounded by. The trees and forests are keeping the place cool and chill all through the year. Nature lovers have a grand treat here if one is planning to visit Bangalore. This capital city of the state also has some spots that are known for their heritage value and amazing architecture.

·         Wonder La

The amusement park is filled with water rides and music fountains. It has a laser show and one virtual reality show as well. Wonder La has an undeniable dance floor with a lot of twists and electronically controlled water showers. Like all other amusement parks, it is intended for youth and kids. The park is much known for its quality and best of the rides that can make one enjoy the visit to the fullest extent.

·         CubbonPark

CubbonParkis filled with bamboo trees, monuments, and famous statues. The park is a treat for enthusiasts, nature-lovers, naturalists, joggers, and botanists. It has a rich greenery, and the beautiful sceneries never allow us to step out of the park. One can relax in this park quietly. In the park, one can also see botanical species and exotic species. More than that one can see 6000 trees planted at the same place.  For those who love to check various species of plants and herbs, this place must be on top of the places to visit in the city.

·         Chickpet

Chickpet is a place for shopping lovers. Anyone who needs to get some garments or ornaments in wholesale should visit this place. In fact, people have been visiting this place for wholesale purposes and retailers’ favorite spot in this area known as Chickpet. One can get many types of garments here, and people love this place for shopping. It is mostly crowded so one must pick the best spots to get his favorite garments. It is also known as Fashion Street of the city.

·         Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is a must-visit place if one loves riding or biking. It is an awesome experience to ride along the trees in the early mornings with the sun kissing you mildly. It is ideal for sunrise, and one should not miss that by 6 AM. Trekkers would love this place for the rich flora and fauna. It is a popular weekend gateway for Bangalore lovers. The ancient hill is famous for trekking and hiking. The hills have a history during the Dravidian period, and in the account of that, there is a temple in the bottom of the hills. One must also visit that place during the visit to Nandi hills. For those who just want to lose in the mid of nature, it is a perfect spot to check.

·         Jayanagar

Jayanagar is yet another place for shopping where one can get cosmetics at a low price. It is an ideal place for shopping and one can get all types of garments here as well.