Top 10 tips to make your international travel comfortable

Many individuals have a plan about an overseas journey for tourism, business, education, treatment or any other valuable reason. They think about how to make their international travel favorable in every aspect. They understand that they have to take note of various factors. They like to make their dreams about the most pleasant overseas journey come true. If you have listened and followed the following tips, then you can take pleasure in your international travel as awaited.

  1. A hotel business card
  2. The six-month passport rule
  3. Get enough cash
  4. Credit cards
  5. Fraud alerts
  6. Credit card chips
  7. Medicine
  8. Foreign airline sites
  9. Data roaming
  10. Google Maps
  11. A hotel business card

A hotel business card is very helpful to reach your accommodation on time out of harm’s way. Once you have reached a hotel in a foreign country, you have to get a hotel business card available in the front desk.

  1. The six-month passport rule

You have to be aware about when your passport expiries. This is because many countries do not let residents of other countries with less than six months of expiration date of passport. You have to renew your passport and extend its expiration date before your overseas travel.

  1. Get enough cash

You have to pay for steep fees whenever you use an ATM of out of network.  This is vital to take the maximum amount of cash at the airport by paying a small fee once. Do not carry more than necessary sums of cash unsafely.

  1. Credit cards

Many credit cards may take foreign transaction fees up to 3%.  This is worthwhile to avoid restaurant or hotel that converts any such charge into dollars.


  1. Fraud alerts

You have to inform your credit card company about your overseas travel plan and get the best support to be safe financially.

  1. Credit card chips

Every country has certain procedures in terms of credit card chips. An ideal credit card with the best chip and the latest signature technology gives lots of benefits to users.

  1. Medicine

You have to carry necessary medicines along with earplugs and eye masks.

  1. Foreign airline sites

You will save money when you book through the foreign airline sites.

  1. Data roaming

You have to set up and ensure that your mobile does not give you an international data roaming charge.

  1. Google Maps

You can make use of Google Maps and make your travel comfortable.