Love to Camp in Style? Explore These Luxury Glamping Sites in California

Listening to campfire stories, sleeping on a king-size bed, or lying under the star-studded sky are some of the luxuries to expect when glamping in California. And, you can live all these without ever worrying about carrying tents and other camping accessories.  If you already own a motor home, you are ready to hit the roads and enjoy the picturesque views of the high meadows in iconic national parks or appreciate the beauty of the wind-swept bluffs overlooking the great Pacific. If not, you can ask an RV broker about luxury motor homes that will suit your traveling needs. Camping in California’s beautiful setting is possible in all kinds of situations or locations. Whether you are looking for a yurt, cabin, safari tent, or tree house, the state’s glamping destinations have it all.

Luxury Glamping

Here are some of the best luxury camping sites for you to explore:

El Capítan Canyon

Camping at El Capítan Canyon means luxury accommodations in safari tents or cabins equipped with willow beds, casual and comfortable furnishings, cozy blankets, and down-style duvets. Most of these lodgings are pretty close to the El Capitan State Beach where you can laze around under the sun.  Spend the day at the beach and toss up a delicious meal over the campfire. When you are done, you can retire to your cabin to take a nap. This glamping destination also offers a market, massage services, a deli, and a swimming pool. All such amenities are close by and easily accessible. If you are visiting this luxury camping site during summer, expect some live music under the stars.

Redwood Treehouse

If you are looking for a glamping vacation in a quaint, rustic setting, Northern California’s Redwood Treehouse is the place to be. This beautiful and fully equipped tree house is located deep in the Sequoia forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains and surrounded by the grand redwood trees. Enjoy a luxurious hot tub bath in a cave or visit the private riverside garden to spend some wonderful moments with your family and kids. Watch your kids have fun kayaking, swimming, bird watching, or playing on its rock-strewn shores.

Elegantly furnished and beautifully bedecked, this glamping destination boasts of all the conveniences of your home including TV, Wi-Fi connectivity, coffee maker, refrigerator, cupboards, stove, raised bed, toilet, shower, and a deck with a comfortable outdoor seating area. You also have an easy access to its beautiful coast, and the opportunity to enjoy the cultural activities.

San Diego Safari Park

Imagine waking up to a sight of giraffes strolling just outside your cabin or listening to the roaring lions far away.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? A glamping vacation at the Roar and Snore Safari in San Diego will keep you amused with sleepover adventures like guided walks, wildlife sighting, camp activities, and campfire programs. The package includes breakfast, evening snacks, and dinner. Enjoy a night full of adventure in this safari park with your family.

Crystal Cove Cottages

Located right in the heart of the Newport Beach coastline, these beautiful cottages offer you a comfortable and luxurious camping experience with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. A stay at one of these historic cottages means living on the beach. Have fun in the water during the day or simply relax and relish the picturesque view of the beach from your cottage balcony or deck.

Glamping in California offers you the best of both worlds – relaxing in the lap of nature away from the mundane life, and adequate comfort to ensure that you do not wake up with back pain. And the best way to visit one of these awesome destinations is in your own RV. Even a pre-owned model bought from a professional RV broker will serve the purpose. Once you know about the vehicle type and its cost, it will help you adapt to an RV lifestyle. Happy glamping!