Long train journeys are a bit difficult

When one is availing train journeys, they are always worried about how to use the bathroom and what will they eat in the run? This is because long distance train journeys are not only tiring, but it also consumes a lot of time like it can cover one or two entire nights if one is travelling from one corner of the country to another. So, there are certain things that are to be followed if one has to avail a long distance train journey. In fact, these things can be also of great help even if the train journey is short. It is difficult, but if one can try they can always make their train journeys easy and enjoyable.

  • Carry a book which you think you will enjoy reading while on a roll. Do not carry something on very serious issues or subjects. It is a good idea to take a paperback which has light reading materials in it; like a breezy novel or a collection of short stories.
  • If you get a window seat, then nothing good like it. You can stare out all through the day when there is light and can enjoy the changing landscapes and greeneries outside the window. But yes, when it is dark then there is no point whether you are sitting beside the window or not.
  • What if you are travelling alone and you love to talk? Well, there is absolutely nothing to worry. There will be no shortage of people around if you are willing to talk and some may turn out to be lovely travel companions. But be very careful; to whom you are conversing with. Keeping this mind is very important as some may turn out to be very inquisitive.

  • Railways restaurants serve good foods. In most of the long distance trains, meals are provided on the go as they have a compartment which is allotted as the pantry car. But yes, the varieties of food that you get here are always limited. If you are on a special diet and you have certain food requirements, it is good to carry your own food from home or you can buy from online food delivery services. Apart from regular meals which are normal and not much exciting, there are many options to eat when you are travelling by train. The fast food and drink vendors keep hopping inside the train with your favourite food items from where you can buy foods. On the other hand, the train keeps halting at stations. If a particular junction or place has some special food, there will be definitely a stall of that in the platform. You can always buy from there if you want to taste.
  • It is a good idea to go to sleep early in a train journey and make the most of the night. By this you can wake up early and watch the beautiful nature outside in the morning.
  • Try to use the bathrooms as less as you can as it does not remain very clean due to over usage.

By this, you can make your long train journeys easy.