For sure you are pretty excited to take your newly built yacht to the open sea and enjoy its features but as a responsible yacht owner, it is surely the best thing to do with your brand-new yacht is to learn how to properly take care of it so that it will last longer than you ever expect it to be.

Your maintenance and care should be from the storage all the way to the smallest aspect of your boat. This includes cleaning, basic annual maintenance and other important things that you should to do maintain not just its physical appearance but its overall performance and longevity. This goes to all the different types of yacht.

You should use sailboat jack stands, keel stands, and galvanized stands that will give enough support to your sea vessel while you perform the maintenance for your boat. You should also dedicate some time to learn and practice the tasks in maintaining your boat so that you can ensure its longevity and enjoy it with yourself or your family.

Before we proceed with the rest of the article provided by Princess 55, you should learn first the basic storage tip which is important for you to know about the types of equipment that is required to protect and maintain your yacht when you decide to put it out of the water. Sailboats meanwhile have a very different cleaning requirement from yachts that have motors in it and other sea vessels that are relatively large compared to it. You should decide whether to store your boat indoors or outdoors but it all boils down to your preference or the affordability.

Indoor storage is important in providing your yacht with the much-guaranteed protection from the outdoor conditions and of course, the weather. Ultraviolet rays, if you do not know can damage your sea vessel’s different components that protect it from rain, wind, and the different variations of the temperature. If you decide to store your yacht indoors, especially in its own garage, you should cover it with a tarp or any covering that is specifically made to cover the entire boat so that it is safe from dust, moisture, and even debris. It will also keep any insects, or pests from climbing in the boat.

When it comes to maintenance, you should do it routinely, meaning, you should treat it as a regular chore in providing maintenance to your boat. If you do not know any basic maintenance, you should dedicate some of your precious time taking up basic maintenance class that is available in most marinas or yacht makers. Also, your boat insurance can provide you with free classes about basic maintenance. You should always put in your mind that there are parts and features of your yacht that are so precious and delicate that it needs a regular checkup year-round.

This is the list of things that you should regularly maintain or check-up; motor, oil, propeller, and hull, which serves as the core or the parts that mainly gives the function of your yacht.

When it comes to cleaning, anyone can learn the proper ways of doing it but there are different cleaning methods that you should do in order to prevent the parts of the yacht from being damaged. There are different cleaning methods in the motor, oil storage, propeller, and the hull.