How to get US immigration?

Getting US immigration can provide huge opportunities for being a US resident. Along with that, you can have access to US passport, right to vote for in a public election and protection from deportation. To become a American citizen, you need few steps to establish. They are eligibility to filling, fingerprint, attending an interview, passing test like TOEFL and attending the oath ceremony. Following steps will describe in details about the US immigration process.

  1. Checking for the eligibility

To become an eligible green card holder of US citizen, you need to understand the eligibility with the lawful permanent resident. The eligibility includes the good moral character, ability to pass test in English and many more options. There are few additional requirements you need to consider with the citizenship. If you have been a lawful permanent resident then you would have known the eligibility. Find whether you know the eligibility and consider getting into the requirements.

  1. Conquer the barrier of ineligibility

Once when you find the ineligibility to become the citizenship of US, you should think about the various ways through which you can overcome that ineligibility. This will help in getting through the eligible process. In case you are not aware of the eligibility methods, you can get in through the immigration attorney.


  1. File USCIS form

Once you are aware of the eligibility methods and processes, you need to process the paperwork of filling the application form. The process will start once when you fill out the form and submit for processing. If your application is accepted, you will get a mail for fingerprinting and biometric registration. For more details, consider visiting

  1. Get fingerprinted

To process your application, a background check is processed. For this background check you will be given a date and time to the local office where you can visit and get the fingerprinted. Your fingerprint will be given to the FBI for background check.

  1. Attend the interview

Once you complete the process of fingerprinting, you will receive the appointment date for interview processing. IN this interview, the officer will go through your form and start to answer your questions. This interview process is held to check your English knowledge and your understanding about the US civics.

  1. Attend the oath ceremony

Once your application is approved and your visa is mailed, you are eligible to become a citizen of US. The process will end once when you attend a public ceremony held to swear your loyalty towards US. Later in the end you will receive the certificate of naturalization for US citizenship.

Following the above steps, you can easily obtain the citizenship. There is no more processing. They are limited to these steps and the obtaining of immigration is easier once you pass through the eligibility check.