How Safe and Secure Will You Be Living Abroad?

The first answer and the most truthful: I do not know, and so do you. My perspective comes from the life of a citizen of the United States, and my neighborhood is probably completely different from his; regardless of whether you have in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or in any of the countries of the European Union. The safety or absence of it in a certain area or community can not be predicted for the state, the region or the country as a whole. Unfortunately, this happens too often.

Crime rates

Statistically, there are always areas with high crime rates and others that practically do not. Therefore, to say that the country is or is not safe, as the appointment of an expatriate can be compared with someone, generalizing that all the United States are not safe based on the gang war in Chicago.

Even travel warnings issued by the State Department of the United States should be taken with salt. A small uprising in a certain area of ​​the country often leads to a warning for the whole country. Several deaths on the border of Panama and Costa Rica due to the transport strike led to a warning about a trip to both countries. The tourists found themselves in a difficult situation for several days, but most of them were never exposed to any physical danger. In fact, most Panamanians and Costa Ricans were within hours of the turmoil and did not even suspect that it existed. In the same way, the bandit war in an area of ​​Panama City; or drug addiction along the border of Panama – Colombia does not affect the rest of the country. Simply avoid these known dangerous areas.

Why do some people think that the country is not safe?

The visual signs that encourage them to believe in this error may simply be a misinterpretation of the country’s approach to crime and personal danger. For example, in many countries of Latin America, the iron bars in the windows are very widespread. Interpretation: there must be many crimes. The presence of armed soldiers in a shopping mall or a large shopping center may lead one to think that the country is not safe. Why else were there? Actually, on the contrary. You do not have a big part of the piracy and the entrance to these countries. And, unlike the United States, he often does not hear of large-scale shootings in a mall guarded at all entrances by armed military or local police.

For the most part, in countries that follow past practices, they practice a different approach to crime and security. This is called prevention. This is a much more common practice in other parts of the world than in the United States, where most of the time the police are activated after a crime has been committed. Window bars and armed personnel at the mall entrances usually stop the crimes before they happen. Therefore, what appears to be a stranger as an indication of unbridled crime may, on the contrary, be the opposite.


Life and its circumstances can never be predicted anywhere. Safer areas sometimes commit violent crimes, and even in the most criminal cities of the United States and abroad there are always safe areas. If you know dangerous areas, you will be safe living abroad, as well as in your country.

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