How has technology facilitated checking the real time availability of rail, flight tickets?

There was a time when people were worried about taking the train or flights because of the inefficient and time-consuming booking system. The long queues for booking tickets made it really tiring for everyone. Booking tickets via phone was also not a feasible option because even that had too many people calling at the same and the line kept remaining busy. But the times have thankfully changed now and technology has brought forth the online ticketing system that have it all so much easy for the commuters.

Thanks to technology, you can book all your rail, flight, and bus tickets online now. Most of the service providers have their own app where you can check whether the tickets are available (उपलब्ध) or not. Those that do not have an app yet, at least have their websites in place to help out the passengers. The service providers have an automated system for purchasing the tickets online. You can also check seat availability, know the prices, and schedule routes as per your convenience. Technology has really brought in a sea change in the way people get to know about the availability of the tickets and the following are a few benefits associated with it.

It saves a lot of time

In this time of strict professional schedules and personal commitments, people hardly have enough time left for themselves. In this chaotic situation, looking at the availability of tickets by visiting the booking office and standing in the queue is just too time-consuming for anyone. Nowadays, you can just log on to the respective websites and check whether the tickets are available or not.For eg: if you visit to Indian railway’s  website to check the status of available tickets then it will show status of availability as उपलब्धहै and status of non-availability as उपलब्धनहींहै It solves the issue of being physically present at the ticket office and also lets you book tickets within minutes.

It is highly convenient

Another advantage of checking the real time availability of rail and flight tickets online is the convenience that you get. The users can look at the availability of the tickets from wherever they want to. On the other hand, in the earlier days before the technology was this advanced, people had to visit the offline booking office or send someone who can look into the seats available on their behalf. This is something no longer required thanks to the advanced online portals.

It also lets you know the reviews

Though availability is a crucial factor when it comes to booking tickets in a rush, the comfort factor is also not something that you can ignore. You can search through the internet to know about the reviews for different airlines and trains. If the reviews are not satisfactory for a particular airline or train, you can instantly opt to book some other flight or train by checking its availability right then. The tech savvy modern passengers know how to check the ratings and reviews as well when checking the availability.

Checking the availability of tickets is no longer a hassle thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. In fact, you can be certain of the availability at just the click of a few buttons and within minutes.