Good food in unexpected places

We all know what it is like to be a foodie. Foodie is a person who can eat food anytime of the day and still feel hungry. They are also high critics of good food and have very sensitive taste buds that let them make a very good judgement of any dish. Foodies also like to surprise each other by trying out food from different places. They could go any length for good food as it is always their top priority. They can cover any distance if the food promises to satisfy their taste bud. If you are a foodie and there is no stopping you, then here are a few general ideas to expect good food from unexpected places.

  1. Dhabas.

Located usually on highways, Dhabas sometimes do give off a very dingy vibe, but once you step inside, the environment is completely different from what you expect it to be. The food you get is a lot in quantity, made with butter and ghee, and super tasty.  Some Dhabas really make you feel like you are in Punjab with its homely menu and yummy dishes ranging from hot parathas, lassis and delicious curries. So next time you are on a long ride or travelling through the highways, make sure you stop by a dhaba and enjoy a feast.

  1. Restaurants located close by to a mode of transport.

You may be surprised to know that some of the best dishes are served near a railway restaurant, hotels located near a bus station and even cafes near an airport. Call it good marketing strategy, but people travelling to or from a place famished and tired would expect a good meal as soon as they arrive to a city. Hence, restaurants are all about serving authentic cuisines in its finest quality.

  1. Street food.

This one is no surprise as it is a well-known fact that our stomachs are always full when we go on a food street rampage. Street food offers varieties like no other restaurants at a reasonably affordable price. There are options ranging from starters such as snacks, chat items to main course, and even desserts. Kulfis, Panipuris Gobi manchurian and Momos are specific dishes that should be tasted at any nearby street stalls to get a rich pleasurable experience.

  1. Food trucks.

Food trucks are also a great place to explore some good options as they offer a menu very different from the traditional set of menu that most restaurants offer. You can also tickle your taste buds with choices from abroad. Food trucks offer cuisines from different countries such as Italian, American, Chinese, etc. all at a very reasonable price. They are also mobile and you can find many branches of the food truck at many areas around the city.

So if your mouth is already watering and the foodie inside you has heightened, then get ready to explore all these unexpected places you never thought would satisfy your foodie needs. Pay some places a visit and prepare to have a good time.