Food is one of the greatest necessities of human life. Food is, in itself the unit of life. People turn into beasts when they are hungry, and people will kill and steal when it comes to food. But food, does a lot more than be a necessary ingredient in our daily lives. Food is a delicacy, one of the gifts of god. Food differs greatly from place to place, regarding its taste, quantity and quality as well. Each and every country has developed its own authentic cuisine, and boy is one different from the other. Food lovers from across the world love to try out and experiment with new cuisines every now and then.

If you’re wondering what is the best thing about trying cuisines from different countries, it is the adventure carefully mixed within the food articles. The world is a mighty great place, and not all of us are lucky enough to visit each and every country in the world and see it for themselves. That is why when we sometimes try out cuisines from other cultures, we feel like we’re visiting a new place itself. The authentic food belonging to any country in the world is embedded within its truest taste of culture, something that mesmerizes and stuns to a great extent. Food is beauty, food is love.


We’ve all heard and known about Peru. It is a country located in the South American Continent, surrounded by clouds and a lot of mysticism. Peru is one of those places you’ve heard of and have probably always wanted to visit, but somehow those wishes have lost in the busy life of yours. Peru is a place which prides in its amazing authentic culture and food, something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The Peruvian food is completely different from any other cuisine in the world, and not as common as Italian or Mexican cuisine. To feel it, you need to taste it. Repeatedly.


What is a better way to explore a culture than its food? But it is not always possible to visit Peru to taste its real cuisine. No worries, there is an authentic Peruvian restaurant right near you. Here in Atlanta, Georgia, you can find the taste of Peru in a restaurant known as “The Freakin Incan”. It is run by Michael Arnold, a man who was born in Peru himself, and his parents are real Peruvians too. What makes this place even more special is the interiors that’ll make you feel like you’re actually visiting the country. You can taste all sorts of Peruvian food, from quick bites to heavy lunches, all here in a affordable price.

SO, if you want to enjoy a bit of Peru right in your home, you can check out this restaurant that is guaranteed to not disappoint you.