Experience Hong-Kong In Your Own Way

Every city and country in the world is special in its own way. The beauty of every city and country depends on its structure and uniqueness. Some countries have lots of scenic beauty, like Switzerland, while some places are famous for their food, and some for the city life they are blessed with. Hong-Kong is one of those countries, immensely blessed with breathtaking beauty which particularly focusses on the city life and the structure of the city. There are several places that one can visit in Hong-Kong and thousands of tourists visit each year to enjoy the spectacular nature of this fabulous country.

If you’re planning to visit Hong-Kong anytime soon, here is a list of five best things to do in hong kong:


Victoria peak is one of the most famous peaks in Hong-Kong. It is one of the most elevated places that you can visit in Hong-Kong using a tram to get you there. The journey isn’t long and you can enjoy the famous Hong-Kong skyline from up there. If you get bored for some reasons, there are a number of fancy restaurants and shops to keep you accompanied for quite some time.


Disneyland is one of the most fun and enjoyable attraction in Hong-Kong city. There are various theme parks in all over the world, but nothing ever comes close to Disneyland. It is famous all over the world for its fun rides and activities that you can enjoy whilst you’re here. You can enjoy the Disneyland parade in the evening and shake hands with your famous characters like The Mickey Mouse or Donald duck, even the famous Disney princesses as well. It is a stunning place to visit in Hong-Kong.



People all over the world know the name of this wax museum in Hong Kong and anybody on a tour here doesn’t miss it. Here you can find wax statues of famous celebrities from every field. Feel free to click several pictures with them in dynamic and unique poses, and cherish those memories forever.


The Lo Pin Monastery on the Lantau Island houses the famous ancient Tian Tan Buddha statue. This statue is a whopping 34-metres in height and took almost 12 years to be built. This is one of the major attractions in the city that you can check out.


There are several soft-sand beaches in Hong-Kong that you can check out if you like. These beaches are normally secluded but are beautiful nonetheless. The Repulse Beach and the Big wave beach are two of the beaches that you can explore whilst you’re in Hing-Kong.

These were five of the major attractions in Hong-Kong.