Do You Need a Fleet Manager?

The answer to this question depends upon the company’s or organization’s requirement. If your company or organization is one that needs a lot of movement, like moving goods and other products, then you will definitely require a fleet manager. He is responsible for taking care of all the functions related to managing your company’s or organization’s fleet. For one to be a fleet manager, it is not quite easy as in they have to undergo an extensive training so as to undertake his or her responsibilities efficiently. A fleet management course can help with this.

During the course one would learn about the following concepts.

  • Understand the basic concepts of fleet management.
  • Learn about the fleet lifecycle; how are the different fleet cycles dependent on each other, etc.
  • Learn how to effectively manage the fleet cycle of a particular company or organization. Cost effective methods are always well appreciated by the company owners. When you start your business, you want and aim at achieving profit. Your fleet manager can help you effectively in this matter by creating cost-effective plans.
  • He or she is also responsible for maintaining records on the fleet that is there at the company or organization and also to ensure that they fall in compliance with your country’s rules and regulations.
  • A fleet manager is also responsible for selecting the type of vehicle. It is their call on the type of vehicle that the business owner should buy. All vehicles do not stay for ever. They get degraded over time. A fleet manager helps in deciding when to purchase a new one efficiently by making sure that the company’s investments are best utilised.
  • Analyze the different risks associated with the transportation department. Evaluate them and also find measures to manage those risks effectively.

One point which the owner of the company or organization has to keep in mind is that, there is a small misconception that hiring a fleet manager will guarantee them profits instantly. Fleet management is not a short-term process. It is time consuming process that requires careful planning, analysis and execution. Several methods have to be tried before you stick with one plan. Thus, when you hire a fleet manager, give him or her a fair amount of time to formulate the best fleet management plan that can assure your business profits.

When you hire a fleet manager, you should ensure that he or she has all the necessary educational qualifications. It is good if your potential candidate has completed a fleet management course. A fleet manager who is well educated can be a real asset for your company or organization. An effective plan can also help maintain your business’s investments.