What to keep in mind before planning a trip to Australia

So you’ve planned your vacation and you’ve decided that you want to visit Australia. Australia is a beautiful island country, with great people, great food and amazing scenery everywhere. This place can entice you and can give you a permanent hangover once you return back to your monotonous life. This is because Australia is brimming with happiness and people who love their work and people who work in a clean environment and great temperatures.

However before you start building castles in the air, it is extremely important to come with a constructive plan and finish all the legal formalities first. The following points will help you get a clear mindset before you start packing your bags.

Visitor Visas

The first question is, do I need a Visa to travel to Australia? The answer is yes you do and you should apply for it as fast as possible because it takes some time for the formalities to get over.

As a tourist from another country you need a Visa. The only exception is for the citizens of New Zealand. If you are a citizen of Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei or South Korea, you can apply for something known as am ETA online. It is inexpensive and costs 19 US dollars which is around 20 Australian dollars.

Need for an Australian visitor visa:

  1. You can give your name for an australia online visa application only if you hold the passport of an eligible country.
  2. If you’re travelling to Australia to see your family residing there.
  3. If you’re going on a business trip.
  4. Going on a tour with a travel agent (registered only) from the People’s Republic of China.

Keep in mind that the number of days you can spend in Australia will be determined by the home minister. So before you start packing your bags and mapping out the places you will be visiting, wait for the Visa. You could be in for a rude shock and might have to drastically reduce the number of days there.

Two important things to keep in mind

  1. You cannot work in Australia on this Visa. You will get lured by some unscrupulous people who will tell you that Visitor Visas can be used to stay and work, only if you give them some extra money. This is not true at all and this is why should always go to a registered agent. When it comes to visa scamming, visitor visa scams are on the top of the list.
  2. This Visa allows you to visit Australia for a period of three, six or twelve months. The application charges you have to pay for the Visa can vary. It can be a base charge of 140 Australian dollars to 1045 Australian dollars.

Before you submit your application for visitor visa australia make sure you understand all the procedures through self study or with the help of a registered agent who will explain everything in details.