Top Five Markets in Mumbai for Tourists to Enjoy

Markets in Mumbai are shopaholic’s drugs. They have numerous types of things at cheap rate. There are numerous markets in Mumbai and you can find anything from vintage items to electronic objects.

This article talks in detail about the top five markets in the city for tourists to enjoy during their India Tours.

  1. Colaba Causeway

This market is for off-season shopping. It is located in South Mumbai and is a collection of stalls with various items like T-shirts, accessories, shawls, household items and others. Bargaining is very essential here. The market will be open from morning to night and this is the best place to buy souvenirs in the city. You can walk through the streets and find that the shop lines would not end at all. You have galleries of shops with numerous items to choose from here. If you want to enjoy some food, visit Leopold’s café or other café spots in this market.

Colaba Causeway Mumbai

  1. Crawford Market

If you are looking for fresh food items and artisan works, this is the right market in Mumbai. The market is closed on Sundays. The market is always crowded and you can find dolls, henna products, fruits, vegetables, brass items, handicrafts, jewels, incense, cloth and others. A part of the market is completely dedicated to pets. You can get almost everything here. Near Crawford market, you can find Rudyard Kipling’s house, Doh Ghat, Manish Market, Phool Market and Milki Jetha Market.

Crawfard Market Mumbai

  1. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar can be translated as thieves market. The real name of the market is Shor Bazaar which means noise market. But, you can find a lot of stolen items in this market and you can find antiques, relics, instruments, vintage items and others. The best part of this market is the street food that you can enjoy here. You can try out all Mumbai styled specialities here. This market is located in south Mumbai and is open throughout the week. This market was started 150 years ago. You can find a lot of second hand products, Victorian furniture and others.

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

  1. Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri bazaar is for jewels and anything that glitters. Starting from branded jewellery shops to small time boutiques; you can find a lot of shops here. This bazaar is located very close to Crawford Bazaar. You can find unique gems and traditional jewels of India here. You ought to buy souvenirs from the perfume stalls here. The market closes by 8 in the evening. Near this market, you can find Vijay Vilas Palace, Ram mandir and many other temples, Manish Market, St. Ignacious Church and others.

Zaveri Bazaar

  1. Linking Road

This is a market that combines East and West of the world. You can find KFC and other foreign brands along with local street vendors here. This place is completely for cloth and accessories. You can find a lot of food vendors here. The market opens at 10 in the morning and closes by 10 at night.

Linking Road Mumbai

There are numerous other markets in the city and you ought to take a Mumbai Tour to enjoy the real life and also for some free-spirit shopping experience.