Relaxing at the Beach

If you live anywhere near a beach, whether ocean or lake, be sure that you take advantage of the beauty and the peacefulness that beaches bring. Our lives can be so hectic and full of busyness that we must make time for unwinding. Here are some tips for a beach outing to help you be prepared.

What to Pack

Take along a large beach towel or a blanket so that you have somewhere to sit on and not in the sand. Thicker towels and blankets will help to buffer some of the midday heat from the sand itself. If you have a beach umbrella, that’s a good item to take. Just remember you will also need sunscreen, whether under the umbrella or not. Most dermatologists recommend an SP30-SP50 as sufficient, as long as it includes UVA blockers. Plan to reapply every 2-3 hours, more often if you spend time in the water itself. You may want to take a second beach towel to wrap around you if you go into the water or if you start to feel cool. Be sure you have beach shoes. Flip flops are fine. Just remember that the depth of the sand may make it more difficult to walk in flip flops. Be sure that you have sunglasses, a charged up cellphone, and your car keys! If you plan to make this an all day outing, then be sure to have a sweater or sweatshirt with you. When the sun begins to set, the weather at the beach can turn chilly very quickly.

Relaxing at the Beach

Take a Snack

Take a cooler, if it’s just you there’s no need for a large one. Many places have zippered fabric bags with insulated linings that work very well. Be sure to take plenty of water so that you remain hydrated. Dehydration will dry out your skin and dry skin will burn more quickly. Take along a reusable bottle for your water and a container with ice and water to refill your bottle. Snacks such as fruit, cheese, and crackers are good companions.

Things to do

Pack a book, a notebook and a couple pens before you go. Inspiration always comes at the beach and you don’t want to be caught without a way to record it! Do you like to draw? Would you like to give it a try? Take a sketch pad and some pencils with you. There are lots of simple shapes and items at the beach to get you drawing. If you have a camera on your cellphone be sure to have room for some photos as well. Walks along the beach can yield different types of shells and small plastic bags in your cooler are a great way to capture some interesting sand or store fragile shells. Listen to the music of the water. The sounds of the waves, the calls and songs of the birds, and the beautiful breezes will sing peace into your heart and mind. Unless you must have access, turn the sound off on your phone and just enjoy your day. Messages can be returned later. Now it’s time for you, your thoughts, and your quiet creativity. Feeling sleepy? Good! Cover whatever doesn’t fit under your umbrella, lay back and relax. That’s what beaches are for!

William Schoellkopf heads for his nearest beach over the weekends to relax there and watches the countless waves that hit the shore. It’s his favorite past time.