Relax at Priyadarshini Park

Mumbai has a lot of places to see. Priyadarshini Park is definitely in of them. If one wants to sound some relaxing time beside the sea and count on the needlesswaves,then this place can be a source if bliss for them.

Priyadarshini Park is located at the Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai city and it covers an area of 20 acres. This is a huge belt full of green pastures around and there is a sea front. Apart from that, this park also has a sports complex which is very popular.

There is aneight-lane track which covers a length of 400 meters and it is a sort if Olympic kind synthetic track. Apart from that there are foot tennis courts and also a gymnasium which has proper and equipped instruments and facilities.

The MLA who has been looking after this area for the past 25 years has made all the difference with this place. He has been responsible for all the developments here and only because of his splendid contribution this place has become whatever it is today. This place has a brilliant ambience and also one can find peace when they visit here. Within the concrete jungle in the city, this place is a piece if greenery and here the authority promotes sports which are a very good thing.

Priyadarshini Park

The foundation of this place started all back in the year 1970 when the Maharashtra government thought of reclaiming the huge land which covered the area between Haji Ali to Raj Bhawan.  This place was becoming a jungle of concrete because all the skyscrapers were claiming it. So, there was a protest held by the prominent political leaders and authorities of Mumbai who wanted to stop the reclamation of the land and also there was a cricket match held in order to stop the reclamation. Then after the land got rescued from the smuggler’s den, it was handed to Malabar Hills Citizen’ Forum and that was in the year 1985. Slowly and gradually, it became what it is today; a proper posh and green park with a good sports complex.

This place has an artificial beach and one can enjoy their evenings and afternoons here either alone or with their favourite company. This is a wonderful place where one can sit and see the sun goes down in the horizon into the Arabian Sea and count the endless waves.

Priyadarshini Park Sports Complex is now one of the most renowned park and unique sports complex at Napean Sea Road in Mumbai. It mixes sports with nature including the Sea. Such a Sports Complex with an ambience of the sea is perhaps not available in the whole of India. Thousands of people visit the park and use the walking track daily right from the morning 5:00 am to evening 9:00 pm. Entry to the Priyadarshini Park is totally free unlike many other Parks. People from all walks of life, from ministers to the common men, and people of all ages, visit the park every day.

One can also find a lot of refreshments here. Here one can find stalls which sell coconut water and some fresh fruit juices. Here the people can jog or can easily stroll around to spend their time. This is a nice place to be.