Picnic literally means outing at resorts these days

What is the first picture that comes to your mind of entertainment? I guess, its picnic after a hectic work schedule. We all look for outing whenever we have a holiday and we often plan picnics and get together so that we can enjoy life and get closer to our friends, family and relatives. Concept of picnic is replaced by resorts, nowadays. There are many hassles that are attached with picnic. Do you remember your childhood picnics? When you were excited packing all those eatables, candies, fruits, water bottles, a mat, games etc.? Presently people prefer hassle free movements. And Bangalore Nandi hills are an excellent gateway for picnics.

With the village stay near Bangalore, you need not worry about the checklist of all the items that you need at your outing. Resorts provide you with all the amenities. Your outing is well planned by these resorts. Discovery village make sure that you enjoy every moment of your trip. In this trail of providing you with needs and necessities, it has a special offer of cottages and tents to provide you with jungle atmosphere. Plus, you can relax and spend your day comfortably at these tents and cottages as they are full of modern facilities. The greenery around Bangalore Nandi hills will let you lose your heart to its scenic beauty.


With so much humidity in the weather these days, you enjoy pleasant weather at hills. Cool breeze is good enough to fill your lungs with air of life. You feel more energetic when you breathe in fresh air as these days city air quality is deteriorated to par. Picnic can never be a fun if not met with tasty food. At resorts you are served with mouthwatering eatables. You will love that local cuisine that is a mixture of healthy and tasty food.

No outing is complete until and unless you play. Keeping your playful spirit in mind, resorts provide you with several gaming options. Cave exploration, Rappelling, Zorbing, trekking, Parasailing, Paintball,etc. are just few to name. These playful, activities give your team outing in Bangalore an unforgettable experience. When you start playing the games, hours turn into minutes and you forget about everything. You become a player and forget your worries and tensions.

Playing in a natural environment is a wonderful experience in itself. Yourlungs get more of fresh and clean air,thus helping blood reach to all the parts of body properly. Day outing, corporate is an excellent pick whenever you want some change in your daily life. Spending some time in a natural environment, playing and watching landscapes and flora and fauna of the region is an ultimate bliss. Life offers very less such precious moments. Don’t forget to seize these moments and enjoyable picnic very next time when there is vacation on cards.