Miraya Greens: The Destination for Fun and Adventure

Celebrate your events exceptionally at the Miraya Greens in Bangalore.  Whether a wedding, a family outing or a corporate outing, the ambience at Miraya Greens suits perfectly to mesmerize one to the fullest. Away from the city, in a secluded area where only  the nature and its power rules, Miraya Garden serves to be the most desirable place to be in when one wishes for a breather from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life. And this time, Freakouts.com is making an initiation of making the place for the adventure and fun.

Miraya Greens promises to offers an enchanting sight everywhere one looks at. Starting from enjoying the musical sound of the water, to taking on the love of Mother Nature, one may experience every possible delightful pleasure.  The services offered in this place are considered to be the most hospitable that one can ever come across. The workers and the managers of this place are taught to treat every guest as God. They are made to serve the guest in a manner that they would serve someone visiting their own home. The staff plan and gift their guests with a memento as a gesture of respect and love, to let them know that they are special.

What makes this place different?


The rooms offered at Miraya Gardens, offer several facilities and amenities for the convenience of the guests. They have the most enjoyable and welcoming environment for playing and chatting with friends and families.  The rooms at the Lotus, the name being inspired from a divine flower offers the most serene and peaceful atmosphere that one can wish for.  The rooms are specially designed and organized to bring tranquility and calmness in the mind of the ones who desire for a refreshing mind.

Event rooms and spaces:

This place provides options for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Based on the requirements one can choose what goes well with their events.  They have banquet hall in the name Sunshine Arena with a sparkling swimming set in the middle of the space, a dining space called Sunshine Pavillion  and a lawn which is called Potato Head which is adjoin to The Lotus and makes to an appropriate venue for any kind of an event.

Activities and games:

Miraya Greens also has a lot of activities organized for the amusement of the guests. Rain dance arena, obstacle course, target shooting, archery, football practice court, paintball arena and childrens play arena are some of the activities that are offered and attract the people when they wish to feel rejoiced and rejuvenated.  The facilities offered and activities organized are open and welcoming for people of all age groups. Miraya Greens leaves no changes for the guests to leave with a doubt or complaint.

How differently are the events conducted?


The staff of Miraya Greens contributes their best to make the special events of one’s life truly memorable for them. Apart from the comfortable facilities and amenities they offer, they believe, what truly sets them apart is the positive and fresh vibrancy that resonates from every nook and corner.

There could very rarely be a place offering the most appropriate services for weddings. The staff members of Miraya Greens make sure that they don’t leave a moment of distress for the couple and the families.  They bring in their best to organize well- orchestrated event to make turn the day into a memory worth to bring a smile on the faces. Miraya Greens also organize decoration and food if requested. If not, they leave the decision for the families to make. Their sole aim is to ensure that the wedding day is made as special as it is supposed to be.

Family outings:

This place possesses all the wishful qualities for a perfect outing with family and friends. To throw a party for your near and dear ones, to spend some quality time with the ones who matter to you in your life, this provides to be a place that one would definitely appreciate. The tranquility and peace that one can experience here is at par to experiencing bliss. The activities and fun games available within the place give an opportunity to come closer to the closed ones.

Corporate outings:

With several activities that boost team building, Miraya Greens serves to be one of the best places for corporate outings. The exquisite rooms and facilities available give the teams a breather to break through the minds from working like a monotonous machine. The activities and games organized make for a great form of revival from jerk out the stress off the body. There are facilities for paintball, an obstacle course, archery and many more that facilitates team building opportunities. Along with the aforementioned indoor facilities there are a lot of sports activities organized too.

On request the Miraya Greens’ staffs also organize for outdoor adventurous activities like trekking, kayaking, go-karting and quad biking to places like the ravishing Ramnagara hills and Manchinbellelake. Ramnagara hills are also known as ‘Sholay hills’, as the famous Bollywood movie Sholay seems to have been shot as a background drop.

Miraya also organizes the best ATV Ride in Bangalore to experience with professional race tracks, closest to the city. All-terrain vehicle, also known as quad bike, is a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires with a seat on the top of the operator. It is a legal vehicle in some countries and in some countries it is not. They are extensively used in agriculture due to the speed and light footprint. ATV seems to the recent fad of this place for which people keep coming back to it, to experience it.  Freakouts.com will be associating in the different activities via, ATV’s. You can get an unforgettable adventurous experience with riding ATV’s, Paintball shootings, and many more such activities.

Miraya Greens with its most efficient staff working with complete dedication and spellbinding facilities made available to the guests together form to be the most convenient location where one would only want to take rest and forget the rest. The cozy environment amidst the beauty of nature, all the more adds on to the beauty of the place, which leaves the guests with a mind full of new and fresh thoughts.