Chicago Motor Coach is very dedicated to its customers. This is evidenced by fleet readiness, good service, and affordable rental rates. Who is not tempted by what is offered by the best fleet tenant services. Now, no need to hesitate to hire a fleet at Chicago Motor Coach. Because there are many people who use our services and they feel satisfied with our service. it’s been more than 32 years the Chicago Motor Coach accompanies every trip of your joy. If many people talk that we have a fairly affordable rental price, they are right. Do you want to know what our fleet rental rates are in Chicago Motor Coach?

Ratesof Motor Coach 56 Passenger Seats FromHourly Rates to Daily Rates

Here we will let you know about our affordable rental rates and how the system is. Thus, you can know the rates of each of our fleets and start making your itinerary. for a 56 seat passenger coach motorcycle, you will be charged a passenger transfer of $ 450. Transfer rates Chicago Motor Coach usually from the hotel to the airport with a total journey as far as 15 miles and this does not include 20% gratuity. If you want to rent it hourly or at least 5 hours, you will be charged $ 130 per hour. This is usually based on local usage. If you want to rent it daily, you will be charged $ 1000. This is based on local use for 10 hours or more. If you want to rent it for long trips, then the rate to be charged is the rate per mile. This is usually used for passengers who will travel far to more than 300 miles. Usually the rate charged is $ 4 per mile.

Motor Coach and Mini BusesRates

Here are the basic rates for Chicago Motor Coach for coach motors with 40seats and two types of mini buses.

  • Motor coach 40 passenger seats
    Transfer: $ 350
    Hourly: Minimum 4 hours at a rate of $ 120 per hour
    Daily: $ 900
    Mile: $ 3.5 per mile
    • Mini buses with 32 and 28 passenger seats
    Transfer: $ 250
    Hourly: Minimum 4 hours at a rate of $ 110 per hour
    Daily: $ 800
    Mile: $ 3 per mile

A possible airport shuttle may be charged for $ 54. All bookings that have been booked to take or pick up around Chicago will be charged the City Fee of $ 9. Wi-Fi is also available on request and will incur additional charges. With these basic rates, now you know and you can book directly for your planned trip. You can choose which rate is suitable for you.

Chicago Motor Coach Policy

At Chicago Motor Coach, we are very flexible in serving our customers. However, we have some policies that must be considered by the tenant or you who want to enjoy the trip with us. some of these policies are we are not responsible for your lost items. We also do not allow you to smoke in all buses. Food and beverages are allowed to be brought into the bus, but glass bottles are not allowed. Because this can injure passengers if the glass bottle breaks. In addition, we also do not allow you to bring pets to the bus.