Fishing is one of those activities whose success is determined by the equipment you use. You do not want to have your excitement dampened by the use of poor equipment that may just put you off fishing. Pflueger is the right brand to choose when you want a fun day fishing with no hitches when it comes to the fishing equipment. There are different types of reels and sizes to choose from depending on your interest in size of catch as well as factors such as your weight and age. This way anyone can have fun, from the children to the elderly. Everyone can have a great time fishing using Pflueger president reels. It is important to look at Pflueger president size comparison before purchasing the right reeling spin for you.

Pflueger president reeling spins come in five models;

  1. Pflueger president 6920x
  2. Pflueger president 6925x
  3. Pflueger president 6930x
  4. Pflueger president 6935x
  5. Pflueger president 6940x

Pflueger president size comparison

Similarities and differences of the different reeling spins of Pflueger president

  • All the reeling spins using ball bearings. The Pflueger president 6925x, 6930x, 6935x and 6940x have 10 ball bearings each. The 6920x has 7 ball bearings.
  • The maximum drag of a reel will tell you what fish weight it can reel in. Depending on your target during the fishing adventure, pick the right reeling size. The Pflueger president 6920x and 6925x have a maximum drag of 2.7kg. The 6930x has a maximum drag of 4kg while that of 6935x is 4.5kg. The 6940x has a maximum drag of 5.4kg.
  • All these models have a gear ratio of 5:2:1
  • The Pflueger president models all have different weights. The 6920x weighs 167g, 6925x 204g, 6930x 235g, 6935x 281g and the 6940x weighs 309g. You can therefore pick the ideal weight for you. These weight show that children can comfortably use these reels comfortably depending on their size and weight of course.
  • The Pflueger 6920x has a retrieve rate of 53cm, the 6925x is 57cm, 6930x 64cm, 6935x 70cm and the 6940x 77cm.

As you can see these reels have some similarities but the differences are what make each model unique. Be sure to do a Pflueger president size comparison when purchasing a spinning reel to get the one that is best for you. It is obvious that the Pflueger president reels are your best choice whether you are fishing from a pier or boat. It does not matter if you are trolling from a boat or deep sea fishing, you cannot go wrong with these reels