African safari – what to expect on the land of wilderness

Every year, thousands of people from various parts of the world visit Africa for several purposes. Some arrive here to serve the business purpose and some to attend the African safari. Many international tourists arrive with their family to have the stunning beauty  of the African continent. Africa is famous for wildlife with sunny days and beautiful evenings. Now it is said that Africa is the best destination for safaris. Truly safari is the best part of tourism in Africa. And it is a big source of income also. The exotic beauty of safari attracts everyone.

The tourism industry of the African continent provides jobs to more than a million people. Even one key feature of the tourism industry is that it helps to grow the GDP rate of several countries of the continent. Safari plays the major role in it.

Africa offers a wide variety of natural wild beauties, so it is difficult to select which region is best for the safari. But you can divide the whole safari into several parts. You can start your journey from the east part of the continent and can end with the southern part of the continent.  Though there so many choices to make.  The fast developing tourism sectors of Africa provide you with so many wild adventures. Most of the foreign tourists belong to the Europe and the USA.


Places to explore adventurous journey:

  • The Safari in the eastern part of Africa is one of the best parts of the safari that you must want to enjoy. The nations of the east part of the continent can build a strong base of tourism together. Kenya and Tanzania are the two best nations famous for the national parks for wildlife. You can see so many various animal species in these two countries. The most famous national park of Tanzania is Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara of Kenya. Mount Kilimanjaro is the Africa’s highest mountain. And if you are a part of the safari tour, then don’t forget to have a glimpse of this mountain.
  • The Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area can show you the most famous African lion, elephants. Even you can have the glimpse of African leopard.
  • The central part of the African continent is the most trouble torn part of Africa because this part has already witnessed the most dangerous tribal riots so far. But still the natural beauty of Congo and Rwanda indicates the importance of the African safari. Vast portions of these two countries are the witness of the stunning natural beauty. This portion also has some national parks to explore the mystery of the wildlife of Africa. Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda and Virunga National Park of Congo are the two very famous national parks of Africa.
  • A big portion of Namibia is the desert. Also, it has stunningly beautiful coastal area to attract the travelers. Most of the travelers want to avail private safaris to have the opportunity of the best transportation to visit the wild safari of the desert and the coastal areas.

Truly Africa is the mirror of wildlife beauty. Here you can feel the sense of natural beauty with various so many surprises.